GSAPlease create a separate purchase order for each vendor from whom you wish to order product. Follow the order instructions for each vendor.

If you are working with an authorized dealer, please include their name on your purchase order. Create a seperate purchase order for installation between the dealer and end-user. Please advise the correct "ship-to" address (I.E. Will the furniture ship to your location or the end user?). For questions regarding the Florida State Contract, please contact any local representative.


Not on State of FL contract
Freight charges will apply to any item designated

GSA Contract # 797-P-4560a
Intensa GSA


SitOnIt • Seating
State Contract # 425-001-12-1
GSA contract number: GS-29F-0295H
Sit On It Contracts
Sit On It GSA

Symmetry Office

State contract number: 425-001-12-1
GSA contract number: GS-28F-0011X
Symmetry Office
Syymetry Office GSA Flyer

SOURCE International Design

State contract number: 425-001-12-1
GSA contract number: GS-29F-0128B
SOURCE Seating Contracts